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Magento is not for everyone. The decision to replatform to Magento over another eCommerce solution should be made with care. Understand what your business is capable of doing and willing to spend in order to be successful at eCommerce. If your business does not have a lot of technology talent and you have a simple budget and don't want ongoing maintenance costs, then Magento may not be the right platform for you. There are other solutions that are simpler and have lower costs; however, sometimes the downside to those platforms is that it limits your business as it wants to grow.

Magento is for the business and merchants who want to live with freedom from limitations. Magento quickly became the #1 platform because of the flexibility, scaleability and the accompanied ecosystem that supported and pushed the limits of the platform. We always tell people "we have never had to say 'no' to a business with something they want to do with Magento." There may be better ways or different ways to accomplish something with less time and cost but anything is possible.

At Rocket Web we are 100% Magento focused and believe that for merchants who plan to invest the time and money, the outcome can pay off. We don't make promises about the future or the potential outcome, but we promise to give you a straight answer and recommendation with what we think and have seen with our time in the Magento world.

Some ways to know it's time to replatform to Magento:

  • Does your current platform limit some features or functions that are necessary to grow?
  • Was your current platform built from the ground up and now it's time to move to a more current platform?
  • Does your business staff spend most of their time keeping the current platform stable instead of doing what they were hired to do?
  • Does your business need to be on a platform that can bend and turn as your vertical changes?
  • Does your business need another technology platform that cannot connect with your current eCommerce platform?

If you answered yes to one or all of these questions, then it's time to consider a replatform to Magento.

This all depends on the requirements gathering and the final scope of work. If frontend design is simple, requirements are default Magento and no heavy customizations are needed, then it will typically take 10-14 weeks, depending on a few factors. If the site needs a UX and creative design and there is a heavy integration, then the schedule can take 20-30 weeks. A large portion of a schedule can be controlled by your business. If there is clear understanding on needs vs. wants and expectations are set, then a real-world schedule can be forecasted during early conversations with sales.