Product Features

  • Product data can be managed in NetSuite and pushed to Magento.
  • Inventory levels are synchronized between Magento and NetSuite. Share the same inventory across both channels.
  • New customers in Magento flow into NetSuite.
  • New orders in Magento flow into NetSuite.
  • Order status updates sync between NetSuite and Magento.
  • Discounts in Magento are passed into NetSuite.
  • Credit cards can be authorized in Magento using PayPal or Cybersource and captured in NetSuite when orders are shipped.
  • PO, check, COD payment methods are also available.
  • Cash sales in NetSuite are recorded as invoices in Magento.
  • Import tax zones and rates from NetSuite to Magento.
  • Communication queue to make the frontend customer experience fast. NetSuite does not need to be up for your website to work properly.
  • 5 sections of debugging logs to easily see exactly what’s going on between Magento and NetSuite.
  • The ability for Rocket Web or your current developer to add or edit functionality in the connector.

NetSuite Connector for Magento Overview

Further FAQ