Magento + Netsuite

Your Complete Commerce Business Solution.

Rocket Web is the only solution provider exclusively partnered with Magento for online storefronts and NetSuite for back office business. Rocket Web is the single agency that maps, designs, builds, launches, trains, integrates, syncs and maintains a merchant's storefront with Magento and backoffice with NetSuite.

Rocket Web chose Magento as its preferred storefront in 2011 after launching and extending several successful businesses. Rocket Web began using NetSuite in 2014 and quickly saw the need for a pre-built flexible, open source connector for merchants using both Magento and NetSuite. The NetSuite Connector for Magento was pre built to live alongside Magento and communicate with NetSuite to synchronize data between the two platforms. With this capability, Rocket Web is in a unique position to service merchants having Magento and NetSuite for a complete commerce integration experience.

Launch faster, cheaper and with less headaches.

Rather than working with 2 or 3 partners to handle design, Magento implementation and NetSuite configuration, Rocket Web can handle all phases of your project. Our design, Magento and NetSuite teams are comfortable working closely together. We know the points where efforts can overlap and will take advantage of balancing our schedules to implement the whole project quickly. Your single point of contact at Rocket Web will manage everything you need so you can focus on your business and leave the project management to us.