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Our creative process revolves around communication with you and your team. It begins with discovery — taking in all we can about your company, your products, your values and your strategies, then translating that information into a design language. Next, we create a user experience structure that guides your customers through the purchasing process. After the UX is complete, our creative team “skins” this structure with your brand and creative design, focused on increasing sales and building your customer base. Once that is complete, our creative team works with our front-end development team to ensure that the creative design is carried out flawlessly.

This can vary depending on the complexity of your website and the depth of your needs, but generally, the creative process is completed in about two months.

When the creative process is finalized, your team will receive a Front End Development Standards & Style Manual, which details all of the colors, type sizes, interactivity nuances and other design traits crucial for keeping your site looking consistent. This manual is the same one used by our front-end team.

Yes. We would first need to confirm that your design team knows and understands how Magento works and what is expected in a final design. There are many Magento nuances that need to be understood and considered. If there is a clear understanding and agreement, then Rocket Web can take final PSDs and make a responsive Magento theme, install and test. We would provide some template PSDs to start with in order to make sure initial designs, sizes, etc are followed and the outcome is successful. PSDs for all the primary pages (homepage, category, product, landing, cart, checkout, CMS) would need to be provided for desktop, tablet and mobile.