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Our Subscription Billing for Magento is the only non-SaaS merchant and shopper versatile subscription product on the market. Our product not only allows merchants to build subscription products or services as the pillar of their business, but also allows products or services to be added alongside their normal eCommerce selection. The upsell to gaining shoppers' trust and giving them ease can make an increase in revenue certain for any merchant.

Until recently, the market offering for Magento merchants wanting subscription functionality was either an extension - which would frustrate shoppers any time the subscription account had to be edited - or towards a costly SaaS product. The Saas products had the features that the extension market lacked but this now required a 3rd-party solution and monthly recurring costs. One of our merchants handled tens of millions of dollars of subscription orders a year. With an SaaS they would have paid around $400/mo. + .30 on every transaction, which adds up to over $125,000 in SaaS costs per year.

We built a robust, merchant and shopper centric solution that sits on the merchant's Magento server and does not cost anything per month to run. This not only gives merchants control over their business solutions and costs but also gives shoppers the premium beneifts that were once left to expensive SaaS products.

As soon as the sale is closed, you will be sent a form to fill out where you will provide access details and some general initial subscription setup questions. After filling it in, you will be contacted by the Product Manager for a kick-off call. A typical installation takes between 2 and 3 weeks.

Absolutely! Feel free to reach out and request a demo at

No. With a one-time fee, Subscription Billing for Magento will be setup for your business by our professional staff. There are no recurring monthly or transactional fees.

The Subscription Billing for Magento product is non-gateway reliant. Subscription checkout can be configured for PayPal Express, Cybersource, Braintree, check, money order, cash on delivery or bank transfer.

Yes. With a click of a button, a customer can update their shipment date, subscription frequency, billing/shipping information and/or payment method. A subscriber also has the ability to pause, cancel or request immediate delivery of their subscription product.

Yes! The Subscription Billing for Magento product is super easy to set up straight from your existing Magento Admin.

Yes. The Subscription Billing product comes complete with a variety of automated subscription emails that can be turned on as you desire.

Subscriptions can be edited by a customer in the My Account area of the website frontend. Customer subscriptions can also be edited via the Magento admin by a Call Center representative.

Yes. You have the option to purchase 20 hours of service and support for one year after the integration goes live.