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Google Core Web Vitals Update on Laptop

The Google Core Web Vitals Update is Coming: Is Your Website Ready?

Is your website SEO optimized for 2021? According to, out of 20,000 urls “Only 12% of Mobile and 13% of Desktop results passed the Core Web Vitals (CWV) assessment” and “URLs in Position 1 were 10% more likely t...

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Magento Website Speed Icon

Great speed performance is vital for a successful website to have. Page speed is a ranking factor on Google, but it is also a UX issue and for an ecommerce website, it could mean loss of revenue if website speed performs low.

If you’re visiting this article, then you probably already know your...

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Woman sitting with laptop on her lap

In this new era of government mandated shutdowns and pandemic fear, the modern economy has shifted and modern business approaches are being tested. While the average consumer may currently choose to focus spending on essential items and services, they are saving money by refraining from travel and...

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Best Magento SEO Extensions

Magento 2 SEO and Marketing Extensions

Extensions within the Magento 2 framework allow for maximum customization in all areas of your marketplace. From shopping feeds and blogs on the front end, to targeting and schema markup on the back end. While the list of inventive add ons is ever growing w...

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Basic M2 Magento SEO Implementation Tips

Young man typying on a laptop

As seen in the previous article on the three C’s. These are basic Magento SEO tips and how they are implemented within each category. Magento 2 supports on-page SEO. You can find most of the Magento search engine optimization tools within ‘Marketing – SEO & Search" on M2. There are helpful SEO e...

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SEO Tips for the Three C’s

Man sitting in front of computer looking at SEO graph

Three C’s of Search Engine Optimization are Content, Code, and Credibility. Here are some basic tips for each of these categories.


Google is always looking at what websites have the most relevant content for each search query. Content needs to use natural language and be relevant...

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Man climbing chart

We have all been there. You have a great website, with great content. Your site is SEO optimized and all of the boxes are checked for best practices. However, your competitors are still are outranking you. You may even have better content and better optimizations than they do.

This can be very...

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Pumpkin Spice Update

It's been a few months since an update of one of considerable size has rolled out from Google. But just yesterday Google announced ahead of time that they would be rolling out a new algo update over the next few days. This was done over Twitter, which I highly suggest you follow them on. Now f...

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Low hanging fruit magento seo

So you built your Magento 2 website and you are looking to see what tips you can do to get better positioning, more traffic and of course more sales. In today’s blog post, we are going to discuss the top 3 things you can change right now to help you reach those goals. No technical skills requi...

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Progressive SEO: Infinite Scroll

Infinite scroll illustration

A popular trend among websites is ‘Infinite Scroll’, also referred to as ‘endless scrolling’ or ‘long scroll’ which lets a user continuously scroll without clicking on another page to view information. This modern experience is to correlate with social feed trends of mobile users. However, this tr...

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