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So you built your Magento 2 website and you are looking to see what tips you can do to get better positioning, more traffic and of course more sales. In today’s blog post, we are going to discuss the top 3 things you can change right now to help you reach those goals. No technical skills required...I promise!

Those Wonderful Title Tags

I can’t tell you how many times we review a Magento website and see that the title tags throughout the entire website are the default tags. This is one of the most important on-site areas to optimize, and it should be done with some brainstorming. I am not going to go in depth with the keyword research side of things, as that is a post all in itself, but wanted to give you a few tips you can do right now!

  • How do you know what keywords to go after? Use tools such as Moz, SEMRush or MajesticSEO to help you research the best keywords for your homepage, category and product pages. Most have free trials and you will be floored by the amount of data you can get to help you.
  • Your title tag should be 50-60 characters in length, that way the entire title displays in the search results (Examples below). Check out Moz for their awesome Title Testing Tool.
  • Each page on your website should have a unique title tag that relates to the topic of that page. Not only should it be optimized, but it should be compelling as well. You want people to click on it!
  • Use your most important keywords or keyword phrases towards the beginning of the title. Many companies will add their brand to the end of the title, as that is least competitive and allows them to focus the most important keywords up front.

Good and Bad Title Tags

The Right Length

Good Title Tag

The Wrong Length

Bad Title Tag

Write Unique, Compelling Copy for your Description Tags

I am not talking about the content on your page, but the actual html description tag. While it’s not used for ranking, it can help draw visitors in from the search results page of Google. The problem we run into is that we normally see Magento websites using the same exact description tags for all their pages...nooooo! Each description tags needs to be relevant to the page it is on.

  • You should include keywords (from the tools we talked about above) and some really good marketing language or call to action showing them why they need to check your site out.
  • Your description tag should be up to 300 characters in length. Otherwise it can be cut off and the entire thing won’t display on the search results page.

Good and Bad Description Tags

The Right Length

Good Meta Description

The Wrong Length

Bad Meta Description

Optimize Your Images!

Google has been hinting at some big changes to Image Search in 2019, so you need to be prepared. You want your images to not only be displayed in Google Image Search, but in great positioning for the keywords that are related to them. Here are some tips for optimizing your images on Magento.

  • Add Alt Text to all your images, especially on product pages. Alt text is also known as “Alternative Text”. This type of text if used to describe the appearance of the images on your website. This text should be very descriptive, short, to the point and not spammy. For example, on a product page, it would be the best case to just use your product name as the alt text. Instead of “cookies”, use “dozen baked chocolate chip cookies”.
  • The file name of the image is also very important. It is best to save the file as the actual name of the image. If it is a picture of a rocketship, name it rocketship.jpg, not image657.jpg. Google will use the name of the image to help figure out what it is.
  • The content around the image should relate to the actual image itself. If you are wondering why your image of Mars on your Paleo Recipe Page isn’t ranking, it’s because that image has nothing to do with the content around it. Keep your images and messaging unified and consistent.

Example of Good Alt Text and Not so Good

Good alt text describes relevant attributes of the image.


I hope this was helpful on just a few ways you can really help your Magento 2 site increase organic traffic and sales. These ideas are very easy to implement and can have some drastic effect on overall search engine positioning. If you have any questions on implementing these tips or anything SEO

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