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In this new era of government mandated shutdowns and pandemic fear, the modern economy has shifted and modern business approaches are being tested. While the average consumer may currently choose to focus spending on essential items and services, they are saving money by refraining from travel and frequenting restaurants and stores. Whether intentional or unintentional, there is a potential for this saved money to be spent on non-essential goods and luxuries as the quarantines are lifted. During this downtime it is crucial to stay represented on consumers radar and vigilant of the trends in your market.

Social Media

With a growing number of customers experiencing a large amount of free time due to the ‘safer at home’ initiative, social media use is at an all time high. Maintaining a presence in this space will continue to drive traffic and secure your relevancy. Using the #stayathome and creating empathetic posts more than branded sales posts will prevent the consumer from feeling preyed upon by a seller.

Email Campaigns

Opt-in email lists and user databases are crucial and should be cultivated responsibly. Content is key when it comes to gaining a following and requiring email and info to unlock premium content, access, videos, and promotions is a tried and true method. Remember less is always more when it comes to data collection. Perception is important, try using this time to be informative (how to’s) and positive with content rather than pushing a sales agenda.


If Social Media and Email is your primary offensive strategy in dealing with the Covid-19 downturn, your blog space should be secondary. Information on trends, products, current state of your company, and creative ideas are all topics your customer base can ingest, share, and interact with. The added bonus of a regularly updated blog is the SEO boost that follows. Answering relevant questions, up to date content in your field will keep your site high in the rankings as Google connects you with new user searches. Evergreen content, or subject matter that remains consistently important, will generate a continual flow over time rather than a quick bump in site views. Outdated information can ultimately hurt rather than help, repurposing older blogs is the best practice.

Special Offers

Incentivizing buyers is a proven tactic in holding repeat customers, loyalty and site traffic during this pandemic. Knowledge of the market and user base is key for success in this regard. Competitor audits and trend research will spell out exactly how to capture the attention and the sales. Whether it be a percentage discount, BOGO, Coupon, free delivery, or limited time offer, the excitement over the products and your company will build, and subsequently carry you throughout the shut down.


With a decrease in demand for non-essential and luxury items, tailoring the PPC campaigns to follow will save money and also protect brand perception. Focusing attention to the upper funnel will allow a much wider net to be cast. Making an effort to answer questions rather than pushing goods on browsers.(IE ‘We are Open’ or ‘How to Order’ or ‘Shipping Methods’) This approach of providing education and allowing users to be productive in product research, while interacting with your digital content, will pay off when their lives return to normal.

Google My Business

Updating your “Google My Business” listing with up to date COVID-19 information will keep the guess work away from your customers. GMB has added options to inform searchers of temporary business practices, such as closures, hours, and delivery options. These allow you, as your brand, to broadcast the new approach you are taking to service and expire when the various “Safer at Home “ initiatives are lifted.

Important to Note…

No industry is immune to this disaster and it is very easy to shift into negativity. References within your content to Covid-19 and Coronavirus could cause users to associate the terrible atmosphere around the virus with your company, even subliminally. Positivity and hope are necessary elements to set you apart and push the situation in the right direction.

Please let us know if you have any marketing needs or questions during this time, we are here to help! Contact our Marketing Team for more information.