Magento 2 SEO and Marketing Extensions

Extensions within the Magento 2 framework allow for maximum customization in all areas of your marketplace. From shopping feeds and blogs on the front end, to targeting and schema markup on the back end. While the list of inventive add ons is ever growing with the goal to increase the ease of your buyer’s experience and site functionality, here are the most effective extensions within SEO and Marketing.

Magento SEO Extensions

Schema Markup and Featured Snippets

Mageplaza has developed an all-inclusive SEO extension with a plethora of features that are incredibly user friendly. Specifically, in dealing with Schema Markup, this extension allows for the site to be displayed “better and more attractively” in search engines with little to no configuration. The suite includes, preventing duplicate content, adding structured data, SEO Metadata template rules, Hreflang tags, SEO Reporting, page analysis (Rich Snippets preview), advanced HTML/XML sitemaps, SEO checklists, cross links, and link alternate tags. This extension also offers an “Auto Active” mode which runs the extension without any code modification across the spectrum of features.

Amasty brings an extension dedicated to increasing traffic via targeting, greater visibility, and faster indexation. Placing priority on organic search and funneling relevant traffic. This Magento extension is great for featured snippets as it decodes your products and store for search engines to truly comprehend the items available and linking them with their potential buyers.

Reviews extension links your store with shoppers through reviews visible to Google. This will increase traffic and search result page ranking by displaying your products and your customers positive experience with the site, the buying process and the goods you're selling. Building trust from consumers will only lead to higher sales and more traffic.

Yotpo demonstrates trust with a Magento extension that shows brand reviews and ratings for products in search engine results and social proof in all elements of the buying process. This serves consumers and grows a constant trust with your customer base.


Aheadworks all-encompassing Magento blog extension is a self-explanatory powerful ad on guaranteed to do just that with minimal back end work and maintenance. Blogs are fast becoming a necessity in the digital domain both for keeping consumers educated with shifting technology and allowing your customer base to comment, share, and interact with your company. A WYSIWYG editor and unlimited customization will integrate seamlessly with your current Magento store front.

Magento Marketing Extensions


Amasty Promotions Pro extension handles the legwork for putting together tested promo methods and campaigns, completely customizable options and graphics for broadcasting your marketing approach. Using promotions to build brand awareness and generate interest is key to increasing sales and growth.

Google Shopping Feed

Rocket Shopping Feeds is the leading and most trusted Magento Google Shopping Feed extension. It is used to create custom feeds to meet the needs of any feed consumption service. It can handle large product catalog because feeds are generated using a queuing system and will never impact the performance of your store.


Klaviyo allows for instant feedback and customer retention through information gathering keeping a standard of constant relevancy to meet the demand of your market which helps in the fast-paced buying environments. This includes emails, shopping cart abandonment, flows etc. Additionally, customer feedback, and revenue stream reporting will assist your company in directing your energy and resources for success.

Most extensions can be found within Magento Marketplace. If you have any questions about development on integrating these extensions into your platform, please contact our Rocket Web Team.