Rocketweb Digital Marketing Agency offers customized SEO Services, Digital Marketing, Analytics, and more

Unlike other digital marketing agencies, you not only get 15 years of SEO experience, you get to work with experts in the ecommerce world. The combination is unlike anything you will get from other companies.

We specialize in Magento, Shopify, Wordpress, and other platforms to get your website SEO started or SEO optimized. We are with you from start to finish. We help those needing marketing around the US with offices in Nashville, TN and Indianapolis, IN.

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Your Customized SEO Audit:

Don’t let anything hold you back from liftoff.

Let us take a look under the hood and diagnose any potential issues that may hold you back from your full potential online. Our company will review the technical side of your site, as well as any off-site issues that may keep you from ranking beyond your competitors.

What do you get with your website audit?

  • On-Site Analysis

    Meta tags, incoming links, structured data and other on-page ranking factors.
  • Full Website Crawl

    Helps to discover any technical issues.
  • Keyword Analysis

    Review and analyze your top keywords to give you recommendations on what it will take to rank.
  • Content Review

    Look at all content for potential duplicate, plagiarized, short/thin or low-quality content.
  • Site Analytics Review

    On-site metrics including bounce rates, site speed, average time on site and more.
  • Strategy Recommendations

    Discuss ideas to reach your online goals.
  • All Your Questions Answered

    If you have any specific questions related to your website SEO, we will answer in detail.
  • Penalty Check

    Think you may have a penalty? We can review and give recommendations around any potential problems.

This service includes a 60-minute phone consultation reviewing all of the findings.

Get Your Site Audited

Search engine optimization: get found.

You’ve built an ecommerce business. Now it’s time for people to see that business. SEO is all about getting your site visible in front of your target audience at the right time. Doing this will increasing your bottom line, which is the most important thing! We have over 15 years of experience in SEO and are ready to optimize your site in order to get you the rankings you deserve. Our team is well versed in all the latest algorithm updates and sticks to white hat techniques.

But it’s not just about ranking.

Optimize your site for everything web, not just Google.

  • Initial site audit
  • Keyword research
  • Competitor analysis
  • Website optimization
  • Monthly consulting meetings, recommendations & actionable items
  • Backlink building and review
  • Valuable content creation
  • Penalty removal
  • Analytics & conversion optimization

No more useless reports!

Our team goes over reports with you, gives you recommendations and actionable items. You will actually look forward to our reporting!

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Creative Team

Content creation

intent-based content rocket fuels SEO.

Quality over quantity. It is stated all the time, but barely ever executed. In today’s world, you need to provide the very best content based on the user’s intent. No more thin descriptions, no more creating content just to go after keywords, no more pushing out articles and blog posts just to get something out there. Do you write blog posts or articles? How do you structure your website to match your content? This may all seem like an impossible task, but we are here to help. With backgrounds in journalism, creative writing and digital marketing, the collaboration makes sure your content is well optimized and is targeted towards the audience you are going after. It’s time to develop engaging content that grabs hold of your target audience and leads to more sales, more visitors and higher rankings.

  • Keyword research based on your users and their intent
  • Competitor research
  • Structured data optimization
  • A/B testing

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Third-Party Shopping

No longer is it effective enough to just sell through your website. With hordes of potential customers shopping on 3rd party shopping websites, it is more important than ever to be listed on sites such as Amazon, Ebay, Google Shopping and others. Signing up is the easy part. You want to make sure you are displaying your products correctly, so that you give your audience everything they need to make the decision to purchase from you. You need to make sure you are effectively spending your budgets so you are bringing in more sales and not wasting money.


And this can be confusing with Magento. That’s why we cut through all the hassles, get your products listed quick, get them listed correctly, and optimize them so you are getting the most out of every dollar you spend.

We help you make the most of your Magento site:

  • Connecting and setting up your Magento store to sync with campaigns in any 3rd party you like. This includes all fields, prices, images, tracking and more.
  • Account management to help reach your goals set with each 3rd party.
  • Continued optimization and support of your campaigns.
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Email Marketing

Email Marketing:

put it on autopilot.

Emails are one of the best growth channels we see from clients with ecommerce stores. It helps bring in new customers as well as keeping the customers you have. You can expect to see an additional 10–20% of additional revenue from email. Not only can we help set up templates for you to use, we will save you tons of time by creating email triggers, automations and segments with help from some of the top ESP’s on the market today. Some examples of what we will help create:

  • Shopping Cart Abandonment/Cart Reminders
  • New Customer Flow
  • Repeat Buyer / VIP Flows
  • Win-Backs
  • Cross-Sells / Up-Sells

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Social Marketing

Social marketing:

connect with your audience.

Over the last few years, social media has blown up as the area you have to be in order to compete and build your brand. It’s more than just posting pictures and chatting with friends and fans. Social media can have a huge impact on your brand’s identity online and can lead to huge increases in traffic and sales for your entire business.

These days you want to be connect with your fans, your influencers and build new customers that will help push your company across all social media platforms. From building your channels, to managing them, to advertising your message to your targeted audience, our team can help. Thought it was tough to set up your social media accounts to sync with your Magento store? Not with us. We have experts in both social media and in the development of Magento websites. The combination of the two gives you the best chances of dominating your niche on any social media platform.

  • Facebook Advertising & Remarketing
  • Instagram Advertising & Remarketing
  • Pinterest Promoted Pins
  • Twitter Advertising
  • LinkedIn Advertising
  • SnapChat Advertising
  • Youtube Channel Promotion

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Local Optimization

Local optimization:

dominating your space.

Do you have one or multi storefronts? Do you cater to only a local area? The optimization of your website is more important than ever for having your local audience find your company.

And it’s not about just finding your company, it’s about finding the most accurate information no matter where they find you. This is where we can help with your Magento based business.

  • Citation setup and clean up
  • Optimization of local business listings from Yelp to Google my Business
  • Local content creation
  • Organic optimization for your company, services and products
  • Improve and manage all reviews and user experiences

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