Rocket Web's NASA team at An Event Apart Orlando

An Event Apart Orlando

Jeffrey Zeldman ‏@zeldman Oct 27 Astronauts at An Event Apart Orlando: Special Edition #aeaorl

"The event was already legit. Then these guys arrived and left all other events in the dust." - Joel Jenkins

Rocket Web wins again at Magento Imagine

Rocket Web wins again at Magento Imagine

Rocket Web secured this year's win for the Most Transformed Magento site with compelling loyalty and rewards, excellent design, a unique user experience and just plain results. Rocket Web continues to drive success for clients with our experienced team, being experts in design, development and above all else customer care and satisfaction.

Most Innovative Magento Enterprise Site Delicious Karma

Magento's Most Innovative Enterprise Site

We are delighted to announce that Delicious Karma is the winner of Magento's Most Innovative Enterprise Site Award. As a new daily-deals startup, Delicious Karma wanted a fully scalable eCommerce site that could support the company's rapid growth and cutting-edge business model. To make this happen, Silver Solution Partner Rocket Web leveraged the Private Sales, Rewards and Social Media features built into Magento Enterprise Edition, and launched a public beta that engaged over 5,000 active users, and generated an average order size of $70 within the first six months.

Rocket Web on stage at Magento Imagine 2013

Magento Imagine Win

"The advances that Rocket Web brought to life for Delicious Karma capture the essence of the art and technical expertise of successful commerce. We look forward to seeing our merchants and partners continue to push the bleeding edge of commerce innovation." - Roy Rubin Co-founder and COO of Magento

Building eCommerce Customer Loyalty

The 3 Components of Building eCommerce Customer Loyalty

"To gain more repeat buyers and loyal customers, start by understanding what your passions are and where you want your business to go. Then look at your customers and discover what they care about. Understand the emotional benefit your customers receive from your brand. With this, you can turn good customers into fiercely loyal customers. Fiercely loyal customers won't bother looking for somewhere else to shop, and they tend to bring others to your brand. They are loyal with heartfelt, powerful intensity. Achieving this with customers that you can't shake hands with and look in the eye takes planning, honesty and vision, but when done right, can be very efficient and effective." Matt MacDougall - CEO @ Rocket Web

Toy Zoo's Innovative Customer Loyalty Initiatives

Loyalty Program Spotlight

"Puzzle Zoo recently rebranded their online presence and launched with Magento experts Rocket Web. You might remember Rocket Web from Magento Imagine - they won the award for Magento's Most Innovative Enterprise site with Their work on is so good it might just win them the same award again this year as well." - Steve Deckert Co-founder @ Sweet Tooth