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If you are any sort of online or offline retail business, then you probably have a Google My Business listing. Well listen up, there may be some big changes coming down the pipeline if you value your Google My Business listing.

Monthly Fee?

News has been released that some Google My Business owners are receiving surveys on if they would pay for certain features in their Google My Business listing foir a monthly fee. You can see the actual survey here, and even fill it out. These would be features are are considered "premium" and not currently available in Google My Business listings.

These features include:

  • Feature Google customer support
  • Displaying a “Book” button
  • Promotion of your “Book” button
  • Showing verified reviews
  • Map PIN that is promoted
  • Get call reports
  • Bookings
  • Automate responses to questions
  • Automation of responses to reviews
  • Higher search results placement
  • Grabbing leads from profiles on competitors
  • Background checks
  • A Instant quote button
  • A Request quote button
  • Business offers
  • Featured reviews on top
  • A Google guarantee
  • Removing ads
  • Verified certificates and licenses
  • Showing a video

Then based on what you choose, Google displays what the monthly fee would be for getting all those features added to your Google My Business listing. Then of course, after displaying those prices, they want you to tell them if you think its fair or not and if you would be willing to pay.

What Does This Mean?

Anyone remember Froogle? When Google said they would never charge for shopping listings? And now of course, they charge for it? Well if this goes through, I am hoping they still leave a free option and don't force you to choose a monthly fee. They of course could, and most would probably pay. I would, as I have client after client that gets a ton of leads, sales and foot traffic from their Google My Business listing.

But even if this is just an option...if all your competitors start doing it, won't it force you to compete with them and end up having to pay anyway? That's the way I see it going. Especially if it can boost your positioning in that local pack of listings. I guess we won't know though until they get enough survey responses to make a decision. So if you have a strong feeling about either way, make sure you fill out the survey!

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