Finally! A small idea a few years back took on a life of its own as a Magento testing service at The Magento community of developers, business owners and potential Magento customers have always had the same issue of wanting to get multiple extensions to work together. This problem can further complicated when custom code is added to the site. We hope Mage Testing will help solve all those problems.

This tool is simple, beautiful and intuitive for anyone to use. With a few clicks you can setup a demo Magento store with or without sample products in minutes. By entering your live store information you can have a full development site in about an hour. Surf through a select group of great premium extensions from aheadWorks and Rocket Web and many free extensions from the Magento community at large. One-click install multiple extensions to test, play and learn how they interact with each other. You can test any of the paid extensions in a demo or a copy of your own store before you commit to buying them.

If any problems come up, you'll notice Mage Testing's unique strength as you set out to solve them. We have partnered with Papertrail for searching through all Magento logs, server logs and even extension installer logs all in a slick, real-time web based interface. We have integrated version control and roll back functionality. If you install an extension and decide you don't like it, just click the roll back button and start over. Both your code and database is automatically restored to the point before you installed the extension.

If you have signed up for Magento Sandbox Exploration or if you purchase any extension, you will be able to edit any code on the site manually, take advantage of the integrated version control and with a couple clicks, prepare an installer archive to deploy code changes to your live site. We've seen many store owners over the years without a development site for their Magento store. Mage Testing is the perfect place to safely test out new Magento functionality before taking the risk of having to close a live store and scramble to fix issues that inevitability occur when changes are not tested.

Mage Testing has clear benefits for all types of Magento users. It's a valuable safety net for store owners who are trying to run their own business. And it's a powerful tool for developers looking to make life easier. At Rocket Web, we use Mage Testing everyday to test new functionality and extensions.