Never in the history of Magento's yearly conference has a Magento agency won a "Site of the Year" award 2 years in row - until now. Rocket Web has been awarded back-to-back wins at the 2014 Magento Imagine Conference.

Last year at Imagine, Rocket Web took home the award for the Most Innovative Magento Enterprise site of 2012 with Delicious Karma by creating an extensive rewards program and unique customer experience. This year, Rocket Web continued pushing the boundaries of loyalty and customer experience with Toy Zoo and the help of Sweet Tooth.

After seeing the Toy Zoo site last year, Sweet Tooth co-founder Steve Deckert - who happened to be wearing his fortune teller hat - said: "Their work on is so good it might just win them the same award again this year as well." Steve, your clairvoyance is unparalleled!

Steve Deckert, Sweet Tooth clairvoyant

Steve Deckert, Sweet Tooth co-founder clairvoyant

Rocket Web secured this year's win for the Most Transformed Magento site of 2013 with compelling loyalty and rewards, excellent design, a unique user experience and strong business results. Rocket Web continues to drive success for clients with our experienced team, design and development expertise, and above all else: customer care and satisfaction.  The new Magento Enterprise platform for Toy Zoo boasts significant increases in customer engagement with a 17%+ drop in bounce rate for returning visitors and an impressive 87% participation in loyalty initiatives across all registered customers.

Jay Demircift the CEO of Toy Zoo had this to say about Rocket Web:

"I have had the pleasure of working with Matt MacDougall, Matt Lano, and the rest of the Rocket Web team on a complete redevelopment and re-branding project for They have been most caring, attentive and most importantly the best development team I have ever worked with."

Before: The Toy Zoo site prior to Rocket Web's redesign and rebrand

Before: The Toy Zoo site prior to Rocket Web's redesign and rebrand

After: The Toy Zoo site with a new design, rebranding, and loyalty program.

After: The Toy Zoo site with a new design, rebranding, and loyalty program.

Rocket Web would like to thank Sweet Tooth for providing an extensive Magento loyalty platform that helped make this innovation possible. Rocket Web would also like to thank 3 key extension partners that also helped make Toy Zoo a success: aheadWorks, Amasty, and WebShopApps. These partners all provide extremely useful and very well written extensions for Magento.

None of this would be possible without Rocket Web's hosting partner ZeroLag. ZeroLag keeps Toy Zoo running strong and has on staff Magento experts with the knowledge required to develop highly available, scalable Magento solutions.

"Rocket Web is always looking to work with merchants who share our unique mission: fearless innovation blended with data driven decisions" says Matt Lano, Director of Business Development at Rocket Web. We are self-funded and free to be curious. Our focused skills sharpen each other and create value for those we serve.

If you share our mission please contact Matt Lano, Director of Business Development, at (630) 870-1913 or email