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Great speed performance is vital for a successful website to have. Page speed is a ranking factor on Google, but it is also a UX issue and for an ecommerce website, it could mean loss of revenue if website speed performs low.

If you’re visiting this article, then you probably already know your...

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Timer in hand

Loaders are great for UX, it gives the user a feedback that some data crunching is going on, so they know that it's no point in trying to abuse the clicks, they just have to wait and that is just fine. BUT having to wait around 4s in order to see the product image is not just fine. I know that...

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One of goals of Magento 2 project was providing software with modularity. It gives us many advantages, and one of them is ability to disable modules which are not used. This speeds up compilation process, makes admin backend less-cluttered (what should improve UX) and finally, speeds up page load ti...

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