There is growing Magento community in Poland and members of our team are part of that community. Recently I have been able to join Meet Magento Polska conference in Warsaw at Nov 23-24th. This was the first Magento event of this kind in Poland.

It was great event, perfectly organized, at the beautiful Marriott in the center of Warsaw. I have been able to meet really cool people from Magento community and have had few good conversations about the future of Magento during the conference and at the after party.

I'm really excited about the Magento Enterprise case study shown by Ghana government member, Veronica Boateng. The far reaching project that will be used to accept payments for various government services should be a really big turn for that country. I'm going to keep track of how it develops.

I've also seen great presentations about different database drivers implementation for Magento, multiple catalog search engine capabilities and have tested a cool new Magento toolkit for the Eclipse IDE.

I look forward for next Meet Magento conference in Poland and am excited to see the growing community.