Replatform and Redesign to Magento

The toy curators at Puzzle Zoo were selling online with a Yahoo Store for over a decade. While the multiple brick-n-mortar stores gained revenue and a loyal, local folowing their online presence diminished and aged poorly. After talking to multiple Magento solution partners, Puzzle Zoo contacted Rocket Web in the summer of 2013 with a request to transform their online presence to a toy and collector online destination that would engage customers and create a fun shopping experience.

Full Rebranding

Full Rebranding

An entire rebranding exercise and implementation was commpleted. The outcome is playful and unique like the company itself.

Reward & Loyalty Program


Allow toy collector and enthusiasts to buy up products before their release.

Discovery Methods

Discovery Method

Finding the perfect gift for anyone with three easy steps .
"I have had the pleasure of working with Rocket Web on a complete re-platform and re-branding project for They have been most caring, attentive and most importantly the best development team I have ever worked with."
-Jay Demircift, CEO, ToyZoo

Unique Challenges

  • Rebrand the online presence to engage both young and old
  • Seamlessly integrate NetSuite and Magento
  • Build on a scalable and flexible technology base
  • Create a system that allows marketing to easily adjust value proposition as business grows
  • Insure mobile users have the same enjoyable experience as desktop users

Innovative Solutions

  • Migrate to and relaunch with minimal negative SEO impact
  • Created a new Design DNA
  • Implement new brand on Magento Enterprise
  • Customized our NetSuite Connector for Magento to meet the needs of Toy Zoo
  • Created, designed and customized a reward & loyalty program based on Sweet Tooth Rewards
  • Create interesting ways to help customers both discover new toys and find specific items they're looking for quickly
  • Responsive design implemented for a seamless experience no matter the customer's screen size
  • Enable deeper integration with physical stores with a locator and in-store pickup at checkout
  • Allow for Pre-Ordering highly anticipated new items

Proven Results

  • 50.6% increase in Google organic new users
  • 31.9% increase in Google organic traffic
  • 155% increase in user site duration
  • 60% increase in mobile traffic
  • 17% decrease in bounce rate for returning visitors
  • 87% of all registered customers actively participate in the new loyalty and rewards program

Innovations continue with email campaigns that are identifying online and in-store customer purchases and offering tailored product selections and discounts to increase omni-channel revenue.