THK Store

Rocket Web was ready to meet the challenge

THK’s North American headquarters, located in the Chicagoland area, reached out to Rocket Web in Q1 of 2015 to replatform their inflexible eCommerce platform to Magento Enterprise. They had unique customer offerings, big dreams, and a tight timeline, and we were ready to help. Their products require infinite customization options, and a custom ordering interface to match. Complex product categories were organized and grouped together to provide a streamlined ordering process.

THK Specific

Robust Filter System

Filters help the customer navigate the hundreds of thousands of product offerings.

THK Specific

Custom Length Module

Custom lengths and sizes allow for nearly infinite possibilities.

Unique Challenges

  • Understand the complex and broad needs of THK customers
  • Launch an advanced B2B Magento Enterprise website in 23 weeks

Innovative Solutions

  • UX team dives deep to understand motion guides and the needs of manufacturer
  • Magento engineers rethink parts of Magento Enterprise’s category and product page models to accommodate unique needs of customers who may buy from one to hundreds of products in a session

Proven Results

  • Customers respond the first month after launch with a double-digit increase in sales.