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What type of plans do you offer?

Our plans are offered with either a monthly retainer of hours or an on-call hourly service.

Our monthly retainer hours come in 50, 100 and 150 hour packages, with the hourly rate dropping a bit on each tier of hours that increase. We do offer custom packages over 150 hours, but rarely offer hour packages below 50. Occasionally, we do offer a package of hours that tier down from larger hours per month to fewer over the course of the year or sometimes when merchants have a really slow month. The benefit of being in a package hour approach is that Rocket Web can forecast your hours into our bandwidth with a guarantee that we can commit to those hours plus 50% above that package without an issue. The other benefit is that keeping constant work going positions merchants to use the time to add features, functions, new design, etc. when typically, they would have been stagnant with pushing forward.

Our on-call Managed Services are selected when a merchant does not really know how many hours per month they will be using. The downside with a package like this is that Rocket Web cannot forecast the merchant's needs ahead of time. If for two months only 30 hours have been used, but then on the third month they suddenly need 100 hours, it may be hard to provide that bandwidth on very little notice. Another downside is the rate is higher per hour to account for the unknowns in forecasting and needs. The upside with a package like this is the merchant only pays when they decide they need help. This can be helpful to merchants to have an expert Magento group on-call for their needs when issues arise.

Our Managed Services contracts run for 12-months. In the history of Rocket Web, we have never have had a merchant exit a contract.