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Do you offer 24/7/365 support?

No one offers 24/7/365 support in the way that merchants are asking the question. Any agency that offers this level of support is offering a managed hosting technician who is already 24/7/365 support for servers but would never be qualified or allowed to fix code related issue and push the fix to your live site. The other way this is interpreted is that fixing the issue is undefined, thereby allowing agencies to fix a critical issue when the right staff are in the office the next day.

Rocket Web has a tightly defined process for development, testing and deployment. Because of this effort we have a proven track record with successful code pushes and uptime with our deployments. We typically only deploy Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday but sometimes on Mondays when needed. Never do we deploy on Fridays. We want the latest code push for a site to be done Thursday morning so we have assurance that the site uptime is rock solid going into the weekend.

We have noticed over the last several years that 90% of the time, a site issue is related to the managed hosting provider. These issues, by your managed hosting provider, is already under a 24/7/365 support plan. We let our clients know that when a site issue takes place, to put a ticket into both the managed hosting partner and into Rocket Web. Tickets entered during our business hours will be responded to in about 20 minutes and typically resolved within a few hours if we find the issue quickly. If the managed hosting provider has the ticket, and they can resolve it because their system is the issue, then the 24/7/365 support your business already pays for will be worth it.