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What is Rocket Web's approach to Managed Services?

Our approach can be summed up with the word "purposeful." We have organized our teams, tools and process to encourage a purposeful approach to Managed Services. Our plans and approach are not for everyone. If a merchant only wants to casually approach their eCommerce site or is looking for the cheapest company, then we are not the right company.

Many other companies that provide Managed Services out-source their merchant's packages to a third-party company. The hour packages are typically small to average and sometimes have lower hourly rates. Their goal is to gain a large volume of merchants and then hope that the merchants never submit support tickets. Our approach is the opposite. We encourage and pursue merchants to use their hours for the month. Weekly status updates or calls keep merchants moving along. It is extremely rare for a merchant not to use all their hours for the month.

The other way Rocket Web is different from other companies is that all our services are included in Managed Services. What this means for merchants is there is full access and utilization of UX, creative, responsive, frontend, backend, etc. If you have a new project that will take a few hundred hours to complete, with other companies they will break it out as a separate proposal on top of the managed hours they are already charging you for. With Rocket Web that project can be completed with your current Managed Services hours and used over the course of 2-4 months to complete that project. If you want the project to move faster and be completed in one month instead of 2-4 months, then we can break it out as a separate proposal to expedite the project.

The point is that we are a professional services company that grows and succeeds only when our clients grow and succeed.