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Why should we consider your product over the couple other solutions on the market?

Our NetSuite Connector for Magento is the only non-SaaS, customizable solution on the market. The reason this product was built was because we heard heated, negative statements about the other solutions which were the only options at the time. The other reason was that the Magento agency partners that we talked to - that used the other SaaS or PaaS solutions - said the product turned into its own major project and everyone was glad when it was completed and never wanted to go through that experience again. We decided it was time to introduce a product that gave control back to the merchant and cost less over time.

There are a few important benefits with our NetSuite Connector for Magento that should be considered. The first is startup time and completion. With our team we can demo the product and begin gathering requirements within a few days. Our startup time is only limited by your business's proactiveness to complete our pre-qualification call and approve final requirements. After these steps are completed, we can begin within a few days and finish in just a few weeks. With the other solutions in the market you have to get in line and wait for the scope to begin, be completed and tested.

Second, is reliability and control. Whether it's a SaaS or PaaS, it ultimately is out of your business's control. When there is a 3rd-party connection between your Magento store and your NetSuite ERP, you have no control or reliablity when your Magento and NetSuite platforms are up and running and the "connector" goes down. Our product sits on your Magento server and you have full control and access to that code.

The final benefit to consider with our connector is cost. Our default connector with standard install, setup and testing is a one-time fee of $10,000 for M1. M2 is now complete and costs $12,500 for standard install, setup and testing. If you want additional custom business flows or have a customized NetSuite instance, then an additional cost would be submitted and signed-off on before the project began. Once complete, the code sits on your server, is yours to control and customize and you never pay additional costs unless you need further development work. With the other SaaS or PaaS on the market, you end up paying thousands of dollars a year just to keep the connector "on."