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What can we expect with our new project starting?

Assuming it's a new project which includes everything being redesigned and rebuilt, you can expect the following process:

Project Kick-off Call

All decision makers, as well as the point person from your business, will interact with our core project team in order to review goals, expectations, processes and schedules as well as identify the forthcoming needs.


This step may last from 1 to 6 weeks or more depending on the project size and requirements. This is a critical step to any new project. This phase uncovers the details of each requirement for the project to be designed and built.

UX Design (User Experience Design)

A UX design plan will accompany the Discovery phase. This allows merchants to see a graphical interpretation of what their frontend requirements will look like. A well thoughout UX plan is the phase that will most benefit your future store. Shoppers need to be aware of where they are in your store at all times, how to find what they want and checkout with ease.

Creative Design

A brand and design questionnaire will be issued and reviewed as a team to understand the new store needs and goals. The outcome of this document will drive the design intention and produce a branding and style guide for all design decisions going forward. This phase will produce a desktop version of all the primary pages as well as tablet and mobile versions of specific key pages.

Requirements Sign-off

Once the discovery, UX design and creative design are complete a final sign-off will take place with your business. This sign-off is an indication to your business and ours that you agree with the storefront and all the technical requirements that will ultimately be built into the new site. We don't like surprises at the end of a project nor does your business. This sign-off is an agreement of what to expect when the project goes live.


During this phase a weekly status call will take place to give your business assurance that the project is on schedule and there are no blockers. Our team should have all the info needed in order to focus on the build of your new site. During this time there will be milestones that your business will be accountable to Rocket Web for in order to maintain the schedule. Some examples may be delivering a final product import file or providing all the content for certain pages before Rocket Web is complete. Near the 75% completion stage your business will get development server access to view the storefront and begin to get into the Magento admin to start becoming familiar with how the site will operate.

QA (Quality Assurance)

Once Rocket Web has completed the build on the development server, we will perform several weeks of QA. This is the process where we run manual and automated tests against the new build to reveal any backend and frontend bugs. We will begin to resolve these issues before we pass along the final site for your business to test.

UAT (User Acceptance Testing)

This phase allows your business to test the final build against the project sign-off requirements phase from earlier in the project. Any bugs or functional issues that are part of scope will be addressed and fixed.


There will be a code freeze for a certain number of days before Go Live where nothing is changed on the site. Rocket Web will follow our own internal launch process and confirm that your business is ready to go live. Our launch process typically takes place early AM, Monday - Wednesday. Upon launch, Rocket Web will run a suite of tests (smoke test) to insure the main functionality of the site works as we expect.

Follow-up and Warranty

A warranty period will be provided for your business to correct any new site issues discovered post-launch that were part of the original scope. Sometimes during the early phases of the project, new or modified scope arises. In order to keep on schedule, most of this scope is scheduled for implementation after the site launch. It's during this phase, after launch, that new or modified scope is started and deployed.

Managed Services

Rocket Web provides Managed Services for post-launch support and new site changes and improvements oafter the initial project is launched. Having a trusted development partner that knows your site inside and out is an important last step for any merchant to insure ongoing success.