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What is the difference between Enterprise and Professional Partners?

Magento offers Solution Partners four levels of status, Elite, Enterprise, Professional and Business. Solution Partners can review these different statuses and apply for one based upon meeting certain qualifications. While we chose to become a Professional partner, Rocket Web qualifies for Enterprise status. The standards and quality between Enterprise and Professional Solution Partners should not be viewed as premium quality vs secondary quality. As a Professional Partner, Rocket Web has won multiple awards, surpassing Enterprise partners 5X our size and has delivered quality products directly to Magento. Magento has requested Rocket Web to upgrade to an Enterprise partnership; however, due to our business positioning and our company focus, the Professional status meets our current needs.

Because we are more efficient than many large Enterprise partners, our ability to be nimble, follow schedules and absorb changes meets our clients needs. While our rates are similar to Enterprise partners, our proposals tend to be more competitive due to our efficiencies. One example of efficiency is that for a project kick-off meeting we won't show up to your office with 10-12 staff members for two days, nor will your project require 4-6 creative designers to design a great site. We keep our core teams simple and focused and allow single decision makers in each category of service, to move quickly without a large team or corporate drag.

Our path to success does not involve copying others, rather we look to do what makes sense even if it means doing something different from the norm.